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Inishturk Community Club CLG warmly invites you to take part in

“Visualising Futures”
Part two of the 
"Our Future Island"
initiative to co-create a 2050 Vision for Inishturk

As part of the development of the Inishturk 2050 Vision, you are invited to take part in the second in-person and online conversations & workshops called, “Visualising Futures” during which a set of possible Inishturk 2050 futures, created from the previous “Telling the Story of Inishturk” workshop, are presented, discussed, and debated.

Life on Inishturk is changing. A lack of housing, sustainable employment and public facilities are some of the key factors that affect the ability to maintain an established population on the island. We face a critical moment in the island’s history that needs all of us to pool our ideas & energy to ensure a prosperous future for Inishturk.

We are now at Stage Two of our vision development: 'Visualising Futures' 

Building on conversations from our first set of workshops, we will now look at possible Inishturk 2050 futures, where ideas collected from the community are presented, discussed, and debated.


All are welcome to participate and there are two ways to join:

1. In person: Friday 15th Sept 8pm, Inishturk Community Club. All invited.

2. Online: Wednesday 20th Sept at 7pm, via Zoom. All invited. Access is via this link:

The findings from these conversation & workshop events will inform the Inishturk 2050 consultation report which will be used to raise awareness of Inishturk’s 2050 ambitions, support existing/planned capital funding applications and be used to unlock additional funding for an Inishturk 2050 Masterplan.


Workshops facilitated by ACT with support of the DAF Scaling Fund.

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