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Sea Stacks

Inishturk is renowned for its' majestic cliffs and is regarded by many as the highlight of their visit. The vantage point where the Buachaill Mor and Buachaill Beag sea stacks can be viewed will take your breath away. From here, follow the clifftop all the way to Dromore Head for some great vistas - a match for any cliffs on the western seaboard.

Ornithology enthusiasts will be enthralled by the number of bird sanctuaries on the island cliffs. - Flora and Fauna - The flora of Inishturk are of international importance, The Spotted Rock-Rose (Tuberaria guttata) a rear endangered plant is found here.

Napoleonic Signal Tower

This Napoleonic Signal Tower is located at 192m OD, close to the summit of Knoclackan Mountain on the north side of Inishturk. The signal station is unenclosed and consists of the low ruins of the signal tower with a well-preserved lime kiln located approximately 20m to the northwest. A more recent trigonometry pillar is located at a similar distance to the northeast. The site is accessed by following the track that leads up on to Mountain Common as far as Lough Coolaknick and then climbing up the steep slope to the north west.

There are superb views in all directions once you reach the summit. If you're not breathless by the time you reach the top.....the views will certainly take your breath away!

Port an Dún Portdoon Harbour


The remains of a Ninth Century AD, Dun or Fort overlooks the only natural lagoon on any of the offshore islands.

The little harbour got its name from the Dun it is known as Port An Dun and was used by Norsemen during their raids as gold was found there.

Portdoon, as a natural lagoon is only accessible by small boats or curraghs as the entrance is quite narrow. It is used for both pleasure and fishing as several local crafts operate from here. Portdoon is the perfect place for swimming and pier jumping at high tide.

Community Activity Pitch


A magnificent sports field and dressing rooms are now freely open to the general public, where people of all ages can actively take part in various activities. The football field was completed in 2010 and the dressing rooms were constructed in 2012. The football field was co-funded at the time by the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, and Inishturk Community Club.
During the summer period, we host various sports days including events for all ages which offer a great opportunity for family days out.
The sports field is also available for private training sessions. It is an ideal location for quiet team-building sessions. 
In 2012 & 2015 Inishturk hosted the All-Islands football tournament.

This unique event takes place on a different island around the coast each year. 

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